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Green Tree – Native Soul Incense – White Sage and Palo Santo


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White sage a plant from the mint family, has been used for centuries by the Native Americans for their purification ceremonies and healing sessions.  It is believed that burning its dry leaves, bundled into smudge sticks, cleanses a space, or person or object of all evil spirits or negative energies.

Palo Santo (“Holy Wood” in Spanish), a wild tree from the Amazon rain forests, has been used for thousands of years by Shamans to heal the body, the soul and to purify spaces as well.  The combination of the earthy aroma of White Sage with the soothing balsamic scent of Palo Santo provides a perfect environment for meditation.

Benefits of Green Tree Incense

  • Green Tree Candle Company offers a wide range of fragrance products for every room. The basis of our products can be found in Eastern traditions.Through our years of knowledge and experience we offer the best quality incense from India, unique scented candles and the finest yoga and meditation accessories.Experience the scents of nature, create peace and harmony. Green Tree Candle Company is for everyone.

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