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Indigo Healing – Unconditional Love Spray


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Indigo Healing is small Melbourne business with amazing products.  Tanya from Indigo Healing was guided to make the sprays for her clients.  Made only on a full moon, with the highest grade ingredients, these sprays are designed to lift your vibration to help you move forward in different aspects of your life.  There is only a hint of a scent in these sprays, which makes them great to use anywhere.  What is even better is that when the bottle gets to 1/3 remaining you can fill it up with distilled water to get another use out of it.

Unconditional Love

Designed to help us love ourselves, for when we love ourselves we can allow others to love us.   The unconditional love spray is designed to open up the heart chakra, allowing self love to flourish and blossom.  It encourages self acceptance and with that comes a sense of loving thy self.


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