Amanti Moon

Clairvoyant Healing & Guidance

Why Amanti ?

Charles & Adrian

Charles and Adrian have lifetimes of experience in this field. They can tap into their divine guidance to connect with their angels and guides to assist with the energy healings they undertake.  Both have been trained in the amazing Belinda Grace methods of Clairvoyant healing.

Both Charles and Adrian are on their chosen life path and are always striving to further their learning’s through education and seminars.

Trust Charles and Adrian to guide you on your own journey!

How did we get the name?

The name Amanti Moon is derived from the names of the spirit guides of Charles and Adrian.  Charles has an African guide called Amanti.  He gives Charles lots of skill and a sense of humour!

Adrian’s guide “Yellow Moon” has been with Adrian all of his lives.  He gives Adrian that advantage of seeing life through a different perspective.  Putting both names together combining the two gives us Amanti Moon.

Both Charles and Adrian are Certified Members of the
International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

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