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“My dearest Charles, I don’t know what you have done but I feel so much better and have lost that melancholy feeling.  I now have a spring in my step!  I’m more energetic and feel at peace.”


Helen, Williamstown, VIC

“Hello Adrian and Charles, I would like to thank you for helping me get back on track.  I came to you as I was need of support in helping me get through a very difficult time.   I had lost my cousin in October then a week later I lost my mother In law.  My beautiful sister who has breast cancer is struggling to cope with her personal life.  I see my husband quietly grieving for his mother.  I was struggling to come to work.

I am a person who usually would believe in what I can see touch and feel.

Just like in the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  Charles you put my broken pieces back together again.

After experiencing a chakra balance and a heart mind balance followed by a tarot reading with Adrian I now have an open mind and a positive perspective on my life.  I am so grateful for you giving me back control and a better outlook on my life.”


Cheryle, Craigieburn, VIC

“Dear Charles, I just want to thank you for the brilliant insight to my life through the Past Life session that I had with you recently.ᅠ What you told me that I need to work on in this life was ‘right on the money’ with how I feel.ᅠWhat really blew me away in this session was the tingling that I felt coming through your hands to mine. It was a truly awe inspiring session. I will be back for more!”


Maryann, Roxburgh Park, VIC

Beautiful!! I thank you, I owe you so much for just that alone. You have helped me so much. You will see it abundantly come to you from me. You won’t ask for it but I will pay pack 100x’s over & you will know it’s from me because I like to be grand. Thanking you for being the person I needed to meet in this space & time.

Ok everyone, I cannot recommend Charles enough for everything he does and his amazing work with Healing and Tarot Readings.

I work closely with Charles and every time I may be in doubt or needing the extra support, he is my go to! Please follow his amazing work and even experience a profound session with him.

Thank you Charles for everything.

Wow 40! Life is amazing.

I feel the best I have ever felt spiritually, emotionally and physically. I feel so abundant in so many ways, have fallen deeper in love with my partner and family and am super excited about life!

A big thank you to Charles and Terri for being our amazing healers, mentor and friend.

A heart  felt thank you to Amanti Moon Charles & Adrian without your support for me this year my career would never have taken off I will never forget the start and confidence you had in me with the Mediumship Night look how far I’ve come and there’s so much more many blessings my friends love you ? till the moon and back. 

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Charles. You’re healing and activations are so pure and always serve the highest alignment for the soul.

Thank you for sharing truth, giggles, clarity and direction on my journey.

You are truly amazing ?

Charles, words cannot express my appreciation to you.

Your Healings are amazing. It was so intense – that’s ok cause now I will get to where I’m going.

Thank you ? my friend – love you

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