Amanti Moon

Clairvoyant Healing & Guidance

Started by Charles Lowres and Adrian Cooper in 2014.  They have both been trained in the Belinda Grace, “Becoming a Clairvoyant Healer” course.  Both knew they needed to grow on a spiritual level and this was the vehicle chosen by them to expand their knowledge base.  They both felt the need to share their individual skills with the broader community.  Both Charles and Adrian have graduated in both levels one and two of the training and Charles has since trained with Belinda Grace herself to consolidate and build on his knowledge.  Both Charles and Adrian are trained in Tarot, Clairvoyant healing and Reiki.



Charles Lowres

Adrian Cooper

How did we get the name?

The name Amanti Moon is derived from the names of the spirit guides of Charles and Adrian.  Charles has an African guide called Amanti.  He gives Charles lots of skill and a sense of humour!

Adrian’s guide “Yellow Moon” has been with Adrian all of his lives.  He gives Adrian that advantage of seeing life through a different perspective.  Putting both names together combining the two gives us Amanti Moon.

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