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Sekhem Healing

Sekhem or Seichim, is a form of ancient Egyptian healing.  Sekhem is an energy healing technique. 

Sekhem allows the practitioner to feel energy flows around the body and to help release any build-up of energy the body may be experiencing.  Sekhem allows healing directly on the body or also in the 7 main auric fields.  It is similar to Reiki but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level. Seichim Healing Energy allow connecting heaven to the earth, so it is also a very grounded energy. Seichim Healing Energy is the way of healing with the heart.

The use of ancient symbols used by the practitioner help bring a change in the energy flow to the client.  Sekhem translated means the Power of Powers.  It is an amazing healing technique. 

As a Sekhem/Seichim Practitioner this modality is used to help clients heal chronic emotional or spiritual based issues that haven’t been able to be healed with other treatments, such as a past karmic event or emotional/psychological trauma that have not healed with other therapy modalities.

Sessions vary but can take an hour.

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